About Us

Who we are

Gear up and all ready for the new venture. Force 21, originally from Singapore embarked on its international expansion with the capital of Vietnam as its first market. Our company marches in the capital of Vietnam offering smart solutions alongside with the foundation core products. In Vietnam, we focus on enhancing service at the high sensitive sector and in-house management system. These advanced products are designed to bring users higher efficiency and access to complete control over the environment.

Force 21 is a subsidiary group of Singapore’s largest home grown provider of integrated logistics and supply chain solutions, CWT Pte. Limited.  CWT, the parent company, is founded in 1970 and listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1993. In 2010, Force 21 officially moved to its parent headquarter, receiving financial support as well as taking advantage of the parent’s global network connectivity in more than 90 countries.

Since 2001, Force 21 has been creating successful stories through our multi-faceted solution and making positive impacts at the forefront of the industry. Building on our core competency in the areas of defence as well as security and surveillance technology, we have expanded our capabilities over the years to include consultancy and services for an end-to-end experience for our customers.

Today, our name is synonymous with big ideas and turnkey solutions, with deep-rooted global footprint and insight in our domain knowledge. Having provided solutions and designed strategies with the upper echelons of governments and captains of industry, our growth is now spurred by global interest and ground-breaking innovation.