20 February 2019 Equipping “armour” for the banking industry for security

Banking in Vietnam is one of the top industry in applying IT technology in improving the service quality as well as keeping user’s information insecurity. Besides the application of government rules and laws, the banking industry also actively seeks and applies new effective security methods.

New development steps

Over the past year, the State Bank has issued many legal documents to ensure the safety of IT activities in the industry, with the model of the developed countries.

Besides, the banking industry always learns issues to closely control security, avoids the illegal activities as counterfeiting signature, counterfeiting identity, causing serious damage to the industry as well as the country.

Combined with the IT unit, the banking sector regularly checks and manages using the reporting system, reviewing violations, as well as handling risks that may arise from security vulnerabilities from credit institutions and payment intermediaries.

Force 21 Vietnam- bảo mật ngân hàng

From controlling and increase security in online transactions through the SWIFT system, and enhancing communication to the user to applying modern technology at banks such as automatic number taking the system, automatic notification system, to help customers have a better experience when trading.

Therefore, according to Visa, Mastercard,  Vietnam is on the top countries of the low rate of payment insecurity in the world.

Tascent Biometrics – Security solutions of the future

Nowadays, when the technology develops day by day, high-tech criminals are now applying complicated, fake documents, impersonating autographs, fake fingerprints, and face shapes conduct illegal acts. So, the security is a big challenge for the banking industry to protect customers as well as satisfy customers’ requirements.

Force 21 Vietnam- bảo mật ngân hàng

This is Tascent – The biometrics solution in security which is developed by Tascent – a Silicon Valley-based company. This solution is widely applied in airport security management, immigration control – a field requires very high security.

Giải pháp quét mống mắt tascent

This is known as the most modern technology nowadays- the iris identify technology. Unlike the fingerprint or the face, which can easily be fake today, the iris is formed when a person is 10 months old, and follow him/her through life, can not be forged.

Tascent is a very advanced and modern technology that is expected to be applied and developed effectively not only in the airport security but also other industry as banking.

Currently, this technology has just been introduced into Vietnam through the company Force 21 Vietnam – the official distribution unit in Vietnam. Hopefully, this solution will be a new step in banking security as well as improving the user experience.