MOU Signing with Vietnam Prominent Maritime Player, Vinalines

Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines) is a State-Owned Enterprise. Its main business activities consist of maritime transport, port operators, shipping agents brokers, forwarders, multimodal business transport, ship repair, maritime service providers. On the 22nd September, Force 21 signed Memorandum of Understanding with Vinalines. Formalising our relationship, our company pledged to assist Vinalines to look into port operation efficiency.


This partnership is inspired by our shared objectives in promoting and accelerating the progress of integrating and automating Vinalines’ port facilities and services across the country. Along the 3200km coastline, there are 18 ports under Vinaline’s management namely Nha Trang Port, Saigon Port, Hai Phong Port, Quang Nink Port, Da Nang Port, Cam Rnh port, Nghe Tink port, Quy Nhan port, Extension Liang port, Cai Lan port and Doan Xa port. Seaports are the key contributor to the Vietnam economic development. With its business stretching from north to south along the Vietnam’s coastline, Vinalines is an active and key player that can push forward the master plan for Vietnam Seaport System Development till 2020. Therefore, to revolutionise the Vietnam maritime service, Force 21 aspired to introduce proven advance solutions to Vinalines to furnish its port as the regional transshipment hub and to promote a higher level of collaboration between ports along the coastline. Ultimately, we aim to support Vinalines to increase its international competitiveness by fostering cost and operational efficiencies.