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4 December 2017 Force 21 Vietnam First Event: Vinalines Seminar

With the advent of globalisation, Force 21 is honoured to play an important role to introduce Vinalines the successful solutions endorsed by ports in the developed country. To begin with, on June 27th this year, we collaborated with Vinalines group to host a seminar to present solutions that aim to enhance Vinalines day to day operation. This event was orchestrated to enlighten the ports representatives’ cutting edge proven solutions available for the ports while at the same time enable us to understand more of each individual ports’ shortcomings including its unique traits.


The seminar was divided into two sessions; begin with morning refreshment at 8 am, tea break in between and lunch to wrap up the seminar. The first session demonstrated solutions targeting at optimising the port services while the second session focused on securing and integrating the port operation. The seminar was a success as we received insightful feedback from the ports representative. These comments are highly useful for the solution implementation plan in future.

Hand in hand, we are confident we will be able to create synergy and sparkle off innovative ideas, sowing the seeds that one day will bring forth long-term benefits to both parties. Force 21 look forward to many years of meaningful and fruitful partnership with Vinalines.