4.0 Technology

Providing high-end technology for video analytics to analyze, research, control for security, management, and investigation.

Providing the cost-effective and easy-to-use TOS solutions for seaport business

Providing solutions to improve the security quality, using world-class access control softwares and devices.

Distributing various biometric solutions as iris, finger print, face recognition technology,… to make sure the security quality. 

Providing connectivity solutions, integrating smart devices for centralized and effective management.

Provide analytical equipment, intelligent assistive devices to detect violations, support traffic coordination.

Application of high technology in managing, ensuring safety and security in key areas and locations.

Video analysis is the software designed to optimize the purpose of analysis, research, monitoring for high security, investigation, and management purposes. Understanding the demand and recognizing the trend of high technology application is inevitable, helping to improve efficiency and improve the quality of supervisory management, Force 21 Vietnam provides video analytics solutions with various superior applications and features.
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To adapt to the global development trend, Vietnam is constantly developing key industries, especially the seaport industry. The demand for seaport security, safety and modernization dis set the requirements for high-tech solutions to optimize port operation and prioritize port operation efficiency. In the current trend, Force 21 Vietnam brings technological solutions to improve security, safety and security systems as well as technological solutions to support the operation of port operation towards ports. Dynamic and semi-automatic with open system architecture, flexible and easy-to-integrate module form.

In the field of access control, Force 21 Vietnam is the provider of advanced modern solutions of big brands in the world, with preeminent functions, ensuring high-end security.

As a device used primarily for the purpose of authentication and security of information, biometric devices use algorithms to automatically verify and identify the identity of the object based on physiological or behavioral characteristics like fingerprints, face, iris … In this area, Force 21 Vietnam is the official distributor of solutions with high accuracy and safety.

The concept of smart city is no longer strange nowadays, when many cities have a policy of developing the goal of becoming a smart city. Understanding this desire and need, Force 21 Vietnam offers modern technology solutions that help to connect, upgrade and integrate smart devices and upgrade efficient infrastructure to achieve items. become a smart city of cities.

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In Force 21 Vietnam, we provide intelligent transport solutions and devices that contribute to the detection of violations and support for efficient traffic coordination. Application of intelligent traffic technology including sensors, modern remote control technology equipment to manage and control the transportation system.

As society grows, security issues are increasingly focused and become one of the issues that receive the concern of the whole society. Therefore, Force 21 Vietnam offers high-tech application security solutions to analyze, alert and centralize management, support effective security.

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