Access Control

Access control

Providing solutions to improve the security quality, using world-class access control softwares and devices.

Key features

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Integration Function

Ability to integrate with control and management systems such as cameras, control centers with high security and security modes.

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Automatic notification

Automatically, quickly detect unauthorized intrusion and unusual actions, alerts and automatic notifications.

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Effective management

Access control with high security accuracy and quality, using biometric technology as iris, fingerprint, face recognition.

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High security

Ability to store big data while ensuring safety, security, and avoiding to be hacked and the risks of losing the information.

our solutions

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Tascent- IRIS biometric solution

In this area, Force 21 Vietnam is the official distributor of Tascent Insight One and Tascent Mobile MX. These two technologies are identified as a new generation of iris biometrics technology.


YITU is modern technology that helps monitor and control security. Application of biometric technology – face recognition, YITU is one of the new security solutions, reasonable cost, high efficiency, simple and easy to use.

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Nucleus, central management system, is an award-winning 3D unified management system that provides the most comprehensive situation awareness for smart buildings and cities. As buildings and cities today are increasingly interconnected with sensors that supply all sort of information, it makes it challenging for building and city managers to keep up. As a result, a central management system which enables smart fusion that integrates real-time data, analytics, videos, locations and events with 3D environments is introduced.