Birloki – Public Space Management

 An urban furniture that is built with smart evolution in heart.

We believe that people are the most powerful asset to a country and thus should also be deemed as an active part when carrying out urban design in the smart cities of the future. This led us to the launch of the Birloki system, an innovative urban furniture that exploits engagement between the citizens and its government to bring about urban metabolism. Urban metabolism is the sum of the technical and social-economic process that occur in cities, resulting in growth, production of energy and elimination of waste.

The Birloki system is capable of enhancing the communication of the city with the citizen. It consists of three main pillars, which are communicative, physical and digital and these elements constitute a network of interactive interfaces that connect the public to the environment. As a single unit, Birloki acts as a standpoint that interacts with the environment by collecting data. However, when adding up all the features, it transforms into a resourceful network that not only links the public to the surrounding but also provides a platform for information exchange among its end users.

With an objective to envision smart city development nationwide, Birloki integrates seamlessly into the architecture of the public area with an excellent design and features that benefit both the city council and also the general public.

 hệ thống birloki

What is Birloki?   

Birloki was developed as part of the components of urban design planning. It aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge or information between stakeholders and to exploit the technology to promote unity among the public to pursue a better future with high efficiency. Birloki is made up of functionality arms that encourage interaction from the users. Physically, it is Lego-like lamppost with different functionality arms stack up to a maximum of 4 meters tall. However, it serves the function beyond what an ordinary lamppost can fulfill. Remarkably, its software and hardware can be customised accordingly to the stakeholders’ objectives and preferences. Depending on the installed location, owners can add on arms such as environmental sensors, tactile screen, mood display, speaker, motion interactive lighting, etc. to cater to the concerns of the primary users. Besides, the greatest attribute of this innovative product is its high flexibility. Its body can be customised and recomposed based on stakeholder’s preference and objectives; system update can be done remotely, and also Birloki is highly mobile, which owner can move it from place to place. To summarise, Birloki system can constantly be improved at the lowest possible cost, and this makes it a sustainable product that lives on the vision of the stakeholders.

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