Nucleus – 3D Unified Building Management

Nucleus, central management system, is an award-winning 3D unified management system that provides the most comprehensive situation awareness for smart buildings and cities. As buildings and cities today are increasingly interconnected with sensors that supply all sort of information, it makes it challenging for building and city managers to keep up. As a result, a central management system which enables smart fusion that integrates real-time data, analytics, videos, locations and events with 3D environments is introduced. With the unified 3D situation visualization, this next generation management system expedites management for different functions and facilities of the smart building city.

Key Features of Nucleus

  1. Unified Systems.

Unifying different sensors systems via Nucleus’s open sensor API as a neutral platform.

  1. Unified Maps

Converging all disparate plans and drawings into one single 3D building/ city model which managers interact with.

What can Nucleus offer?

  1. Building Visualisation & Control
  2. General administration
  • 3D Situation Management
  1. Advanced User Interface
  2. 3D Situation Annotation/ Planning
  3. 3D Situation Visualisation

Nucleus Target Applications

Nucleus can be deployed for command centre use or as an interactive management dashboard for top management of buildings and cities. Its primary deployment are in applications requiring advanced 3D situation awareness:

  • Intelligent office buildings/ business parks
  • Hospital and healthcare premises
  • Hotels and resort clubs
  • Convention and exhibition centres
  • School , university campuses
  • Major sporting venues
  • Shopping malls and marketplaces
  • Airports, train stations, cruise terminals
  • Water/power plants, oil & gas facilities
  • Military camps and prisons
  • Protected landmarks designated by police/ fire agencies


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