Seaport Automated solutions

Seaport Automated solutions

Providing the cost-effective and easy-to-use TOS solutions for seaport business

Key features

Khả năng tích hợp

Integration function

Ability to integrate with existing systems at the port, it can be flexibly expanded and customized, developed as needed

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Effective management

Effective management and administration

Thiết kế đơn giản

Friendly design

Simple design, easy to use, fast deployment, sustainability and other support services.

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High security

Ensuring security and data security for the entire system

Our solutions

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N4 is brochureted terminal operating system (TOS) for more than 105 of the most advanced marine terminal operators in the world. It is a sophisticated and modern technology platform that optimise efficiency and helps to power the intelligent movement of goods through the supply chain.

Octopi - TOS cloud service

Octopi is a modern and affordable SaaS TOS designed for small and medium-sized container and mixed cargo terminals operating on pen & paper, Excel and older TOS systems.

Giải pháp Octopi - Dịch vụ TOS quản lý cảng qua hệ thống cloud
Jade Master Terminal by Navis- nhà phân phối Force 21 Việt Nam

JADE MASTER TERMINAL – cargo operation system

Master Terminal is a comprehensive, easily configurable and fully integrated terminal operating system (TOS) that provides a secure, real- time view of information and activity across the enterprise. It is designed to cater for all cargo types. Mobile applications running on vehicle mounted and handheld RDT devices allow operators to record activities and information from any work area within the terminal. Multiple sites, terminals and sub-terminals can all be managed within a single database.