Video Analytics Solutions

Providing high-end technology for video analytics to analyze, research, control for security, management, and investigation.

Our key features

Khả năng tích hợp

Integration function

Ability to integrate with various types of Camera which meet the basic standard requirements.

phát hiện hành động bất thường

Unusual action detection

Automatically alert unusual situations such as crowded areas, strange objects, intruders, falls, and suspicious goods.

tự động cảnh báo

Automatic notification

Detecting fire and smoke warning early fire. Flood detection, warning of flood risks.

khả năng phân tích

Analyzing and identification

Face recognition, comparing faces with existing data, identifying license plates and vehicle types. Counting the number of people, analyzing gender, age, behavior.

Our solutions

Briefcam –Transforming video into actionable intelligence

Review hours of video in minutes and pinpoint people and objects of interest immediately.

Davantis solution is a technology that uses algorithms to extract information in video recorded from security cameras, which is an effective solution for controlling wide area, foresight, and for managing multiple systems. System with automatic analysis and notification features.

XJERA- Videos to insights

XJERA technology is a smart video analysis solution, with many possibilities in analyzing image data extracted from video data warehouses or online cameras. Some of the typical features of the solution include: the ability to identify faces, analyze people, detect situations, analyze data, control, analyze and report events about traffic.

XJERA- Giải pháp phân tích hình ảnh video

YITU- AI technology in video analytics

YITU is modern technology that helps monitor and control security. Application of biometric technology – face recognition, YITU is one of the new security solutions, reasonable cost, high efficiency, simple and easy to use.

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