Personal Protection

I. Tencate – Personal Protection Solutions

Providing a wide portfolio of personal protection equipment, Tencate Advanced Armor specialises in providing lightweight personal protection solutions that comply with end-user requirements and international standards. Lightweight inserts, anti-ballistic shield and soft armor solutions are among the products available.


Critical Facilities & Asset Protection

I. Hitachi Critical Facilities Protection – Lightning Protection & Prevention System

hệ thống chống set

Vietnam is prone to natural disasters like typhoon, flooding, earthquake and storms. Among the mentioned natural disasters, the lightning storm has the highest chance of preventing by installing the engineered lightning protection and prevention system. It is a unique solution that is customized for every installation place, typically to protect critical assets from devastating effects resulting from the elements. With over 100 years of proven credibility, it achieves a higher success rate of preventing lightning than the commercial lightning rod thus is deemed highly suitable for the lightning hot spots like Vietnam.


II. Tascent Insight One and Tascent Mobile MX/M6 (Biometric Devices)

Aside from being a solution designer, Force 21 at the same time is also a distributor of advanced biometric devices, Tascent Insight One and Tascent Mobile MX/M6. These devices represent new generation iris recognition system.

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III. Discrete-I (Unmanned Aerial System)

A drone, also known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft piloted by remote control or computer. The general understanding of a surveillance drone is an UAV capturing still images and videos to gather information about specific targets from a distance or altitude.

An improved version of the surveillance UAV, is a product like Discrete-i MK3. It is an unmanned aerial system (UAS) which comprises of a drone, a tablet and a smartwatch to enable the live stream of the situation, giving law enforcement operators the ultimate control of the situation.


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