Tascent InSight One (Biometric Devices)

InSight One is a tabletop device, featuring swift face and iris recognition to promote faster identification. It can capture high-quality dual iris and faces biometric images at a standoff distance of 0.5 to 1.0 meters, creating an experience that is both appealing to users and well suited to a wide variety of applications where space may be a premium. It combines a customizable high-resolution graphic LCD, a fully automated capture process, a large capture zone to collect high-quality biometrics in a way that is easy to use with minimal instruction, even for non-technical or non-acclimated users.


With a fully automated face and iris scan process supported by realtime feedback, InSight One captures high quality dual iris and face images that meet demanding ISO/ICAO standard for format and quality, in about 2 seconds at a standoff distance  of 0.5m to 1m, creating the great experience to users and well-suited to a wide variety of applications. 

Allowing users to customize LCD and LED user interface, InSight One is integrated into the precision-crafted aluminium anclosure, delivering a natural, unified and visually -pleasing user experience. 

InSight One offers a variety of mounting options to integrate in desktop, e-Gate, and kiosk application, and custom colour options to match the surroundings. 

kiosk insight one- force 21

Key Features

  • Compact form factor, world-class industrial design
  • Simultaneous dual iris and face capture at a standoff distance of 0.5 to 1 meter
  • Fully automated capture process supported by real-time feedback enables intuitive operation even for non acclimated users
  • On-demand face capture for multiple poses
  • Based on patented technology, best-in-class iris imaging delivers superior accuracy even in challenging real-world environments
  • Can be integrated as a secure locked-down network appliance or point-to-popint USB peripheral
  • Open architecture, standards-compliant design enables rapid integration and deployment with new or existing infrastructure