Tascent Mobile MX/M6 (Biometric Handheld Devices)

Mobile MX/M6, on the other hand, is a gadget incorporated to the smart phone – both Android and iOS, to utilise its multi-biometrics modal. It is highly portable which user can carry from one place to another, transforming the process of authentication. Furthermore, it delivers a breakthrough mobile biometric capability finely tuned to the needs of end users in law enforcement, border management, defense and civil ID. A smart phone is incorporated into the technology to provide highly intuitive, standards-compliant iris, face, fingerprint, and biometric voice capability in a compact ‘pocketable’ form factor.

A Modular Approach to Mobile Biometrics

Leveraging the Otterbox uniVERSE smartphone case system, Tascent MX brings a flexible, modular, and adaptable approach to mobile biometrics.

  • Multi-generation device support
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Easy connect and disconnect


Intuitive, High-performance Biometric Capture

A combination of active feedback from the Tascent Mobile App and integrated OLED display on MX provides an intuitive guide for face, iris, and fingerprint capture for both the operator and subject. This results in high-quality biometric imaging with very minimal training.

High Biometrics Technology

  • Integrated MRZ scanning and contactless chip reading

  • On-board multimodalmatching

  • Enhanced document authentication
Force 21- Sinh trắc học khuôn mặt


  • Automated capture
  • Facilitates correct subject positioning
  • ISO compliant (depending on environment)
Force 21 Vietnam- Sinh trắc học mống mắt


  • Automated, simultaneous dual-eye capture
  • Facilitates correct subject positioning
  • ISO compliant, even in bright sunlight
Force 21 Vietnam- Sinh trắc học vân tay


  • Automated capture
  • Standards-compliant, dual-print and roll
  • Intuitive guidance from integrated OLED display

Key features

  • Enrollment-quality capture of iris, fingerprint, and face biometrics, with sensors capable of capture even in bright sunlight
  • Native application and SDK enable seamless, intuitive, and powerful biometric capture even for non-technical users
  • Open architecture, standards-compliant design enables rapid integration and deployment with new or existing systems
  • FIPS 140-2 validated libraries enable secure communications
  • Integrated on-board iris, fingerprint, and face matching for up to 100,000 records
  • MRZ and ISO 14443 contactless support ICAO-compliant travel document reading
  • Built-in UV light for forensics and enhanced document authentication
  • Secure Access Module (SAM) card support for enhanced security
  • Integrated OLED display for clear, intuitive user feedback