Smart City Tech


I. Birloki – Public Space Management

The Birloki system is capable of enhancing the communication of the city with the citizen.  As a single unit, Birloki acts as a standpoint that interacts with the environment by collecting data. When adding up all the features, it transforms into a resourceful network that not only links the public to the surrounding but also provides a platform for information exchange among its end users.

With an objective to envision smart city development nationwide, Birloki integrates seamlessly into the architecture of the public area with an excellent design and features that benefit both the city council and also the general public. 


II. Nucleus – 3D Unified Building Management

Nucleus, central management system, is an award-winning 3D unified management system that provides the most comprehensive situation awareness for smart buildings and cities. As buildings and cities today are increasingly interconnected with sensors that supply all sort of information, it makes it challenging for building and city managers to keep up. As a result, a central management system which enables smart fusion that integrates real-time data, analytics, videos, locations and events with 3D environments is introduced. With the unified 3D situation visualization, this next generation management system expedites management for different functions and facilities of the smart building city.


III.  LocoMole – Pocket Trip Software

LocoMole is a mobile application serves as a directory as well as a guide for the public. It is launched in Singapore and is downloadable on both Android (4.4 and up) and iOS (9.0 and later) mobile users. LocoMole functions like a discovery and storytelling platform. It is an on the go local guide, once installed, user will be directed to download the content of the trial that he is interested in. This application covers a country’s places of interest complement it with its history, directions and even augmented reality way-finder for navigation. Besides, for each of the trails, there is a to do list and challenges like quizzes or games that aim to give users the most authentic city experiences.


Maritime Tech

 I.  Navis – Terminal Operating System

N4 is the trusted terminal operating system (TOS) for more than 105 of the most advanced marine terminal operators in the world. It is a sophisticated and modern technology platform that optimises efficiency and helps to power the intelligent movement of goods through the supply chain.




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